Comprehensive Pool Services

A swimming pool can be a great feature that will make your house more beautiful or it can be a real pain. It is safe to say that with the pool there are some responsibilities. If you do not clean your pool regularly and inspect it every day, it will become dirty and muddy, packed with algae. When you face a situation like this, it means that having a pool is not that easy and that fun. Getting it back to functioning is hard work.
There is a lot of pool services that can be provided that can help you maintain your pool at its peak condition. You can service pool on your own but it’s best if you include professionals who will do their jobs as best as they can. Services include automatic pool covers, weekly maintenance, pool repair, renovation and restorations, pool opening and closing, filter and heater cleaning, pool salt systems…

Have your pool checked regularly

Have your pool checked regularlyHaving your pool checked weekly by the professional technician, you will save money aside instead of paying for the repairs that could cost you an arm and leg. Not to mention that you will not have to do it by yourself. That service includes: Vacuuming the pool, brush the walls and tiles, cleaning or backwashing the filter.
One of the biggest advantages of installing a safety cover onto your inground pool is that it keeps leaves, twigs, insects, and other scraps out during the winter months. This is particularly helpful in the Atlanta area, where trees shed their leaves starting in the fall and they continue to be blown into your pool throughout the winter months. Your pool cover will also help with the prevention of pets and all sorts of wild animals.

Use salt in your pool

Benefits of having salt in your pool are endless. Having a chlorine in your pool, you likely ended the day with dry skin, irritated eyes, and chlorine-damaged hair. The salinity of a saltwater pool is close to the salinity in your eyes, which means opening your eyes underwater is no longer a problem. Another plus is that a saltwater pool is less likely to cause irritation to people with sensitive skin or people who are allergic to chlorine pools.